A Sardinian wine route: a top chart of local wines

A Sardinian wine route: a top chart of local wines
A Sardinian wine route is one of the best way to know the deep tradition and flavours of this beautiful island. We have to start by telling about a red wine that is called Cannonau. This is the oldest and famous wine of Sardinia. Recently some studies have demonstrated that Cannonau represents the oldest type of wine in the whole Mediterranean sea region. It is characterized by a dry and strong flavour. The history tells us that its name comes from the name of a grapevine imported from Spain, but recently, after the discovering of small grapeseeds in a nuragic settlement, has been proved that its origin is local. The main production area is the central part of Sardinia in the region of Ogliastra and Nuoro. We advice to visit the Cantina Dorgali where you can taste this wine and know more information about it.

Another famous Sardinian wine is the Malvasia of Bosa: a white and dry wine, with a quite bitter smell and aftertaste. This is produced in many areas of Sardinia especially in the Planargia, which is a subregion located in the west central part of the island. Bosa's Malvasia is beautifully accompanied by almond-shaped dry typical Sardinian pastries (sospiri, pirikittos and amaretti). Some peple prefer to drink it as an aperitif.

We advice also the Vernaccia of Oristano: dry white wine proper of the region of Oristano. We would suggest you to visit the Cantina Sociale della Vernaccia in Oristano where you will have the possibility to taste it. It matches very well with fish dishes with strong taste and smell tones, such as bottarga (mullet or tuna eggs), hot or smoked cheeses. It is also excellent as a dessert wine most of all the ones made with almonds which are typical in Sardinia.

The Cagnulari of Alghero is a dry red wine typical of the region of Alghero, Olmedo and the surrounding area, which is characterized by a soft flavour with some notes of red fruits. It matches very well with red or white grilled meats, tomato souce, legume soups and medium seasoned cheeses.

The Torbato of Alghero is a brut sparkling wine typical of the region of Alghero, Olmedo and the surrounding area. Very suitable as an aperitif or together with fish recipes, crustaceans and white meats. It is also known as Catalan Grapes or Turbat. The warm and dry climate fits perfectly to this wine. You can visit the winery Sella & Mosca in Alghero where you can enjoy a whole day by discovering the peculiarities of this wine.

Another typical wine is Carignano del Sulcis: dry red wine most of all belonging to the region of Cagliari and the nearest. We suggest you to taste the Terre Brune of the Cantine Santadi. This wine has received different prizes because of its high quality. It combines well with first dishes with meat sauces and spicy meats (ideal for the famous Sardinian lamb) and seasoned cheeses.

The Moscato of Sorso and Sennori is a sweet and yellow coloured wine produced most of all in the Romangia subregion of Sardinia between Nurra and Anglona. Its very peculiar flavour perfectly accompanies dry cakes with marmeladeor handmad sweets.

One of the most famous Sardinian wines (together with the Cannonau) is the Vermentino di Gallura. A magnificent dry white wine produced purely from Vermentino grapes grown on eluvial fields of granite rocks. Its delicious flavor is the best match with the precious crustaceans of Sardinia. We advice you to visit the Cantina del Vermentino of Monti and to take part of the “sagra del Vermentino di Monti” that occurs every year in the first days of August and attracts many tourists every year!

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