Alghero is a city in the North-West of Sardinia

Alghero is a city in the North-West of Sardinia famous for its historic past and its beaches. This city is so unique because it was a spanish colony and you can still find all the catalan signs in the whole city. The streetnames are also in catalan and there are also people who speak catalan and not the sardinian dialect. The menus in the restaurants often are also written in catalan not only in italian and english.

Alghero is a wonderful city in the Mediterranean sea with old walls and city center. You will find there so many nice bars, restaurants, small shops and a lot of culture. The walls with its old arms for the defence of the city are absolutely to see. In the old city center you find a lot of jewellery made in Sardinia with the popular coral of Alghero, which is known as one of the finest and most expensive in the world.

From the turistic port of Alghero you can do different excursions by boat. For example you can go in search of dolphines, which are often swimming near Alghero or also great experience is to explore the Grotte di Nettuno at Capo Caccia - one of the most famous in Italy. You will see how the water formed the rocks over years and years. You can visit the grotte also walking from Capo Caccia, there are stonesteps to reach the grotte. From there you have a spectacular view over the Mediterranean sea.

Near Alghero you can explore another precious historic monument of Sardinia - Nuraghe Palmavera. Nuraghi are typical sardinian old stone buildings from the bronze and iron age.

Of course Alghero offers you also beautiful sandy beaches along the city and also a bit outside. If you are staying in Alghero for more than a day, we recommend you to go also to Stintino, a village near Alghero with beaches with sand so fine and white that you will never forget it.

From the turistic port of Alghero you can also take a boat to the beaches of Capo Caccia which are mostly just reachable by boat or with a long walking and climbing session. So, don't forget to visit Alghero and vicinities when staying in one of the villas in Sardinia!

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