Best kitesurfing beaches in Sardinia

Best kitesurfing beaches in Sardinia

Best kitesurfing beaches in Sardinia are located mostly on the north of the island, with its 1897 km of coastline, is a real paradise, not only for its nature and vegetation, crystal clear sea, tradition and culture, but also because it is considered a jewel for kite surfers and windsurfers from all over the world. Since this island in the middle of Mediterranean Sea is a very windy area, full of secluded and even not crowded beaches, is a very important meeting point for lovers of water sports.

The north-east side of Sardinia, represents one of the windiest coast of the Island and therefore the ideal stage for these kinds of sports. In particular, the kitesurf in the last years has spread like wildfire, taking advantage of places which are a perfect setting for this sport, ranging from the beach of Badesi to that of San Pietro a Mare in Valledoria, from La Marinedda to Porto Pollo and Palau up to the long beach of La Cinta in San Teodoro.

Beaten by the mistral, west, south-west, north-east and east winds, the beaches of Eastern Gallura are a source of entertainment and inspiration for kiters from around the world, experts and beginners. A lot of kite schools are born, which allow you to look out gradually in this sport close to nature and adrenalinic at the same time.

Porto Pollo was this year the protagonist of "Sardinia Grand Slam", that is to say the final stage of the World Kite League 2016, where the strongest players in the world in kitesurfing have competed, giving prestige to Sardinia and emotions to viewers and the curious.

This area is very well equipped to welcome guests from all over the world, especially fans of water sports, thanks to comfortable accommodations like the beautiful villas for rent located along the coasts of northern Sardinia.

May be you are wondering how we know about the kitesurf spots in Sardnia? The answer is that one of the members of our staff is keen on this kind of sport and on every occasion takes advantage of the geographical position of Sardinia and goes kitesurfing. It is just wonderul riding on the waves or on the shallow water with your kite admiring the beauty of the sea and of the nature around you. Try it to believe...

The most suitable accommodations for these activities are: Villa Belle, Villa Smeralda, Villa La Musa, La Bitta.

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