Climbing in Sardinia

is getting very popular

Climbing in Sardinia is getting very popular

Climbing in Sardinia is getting very popular thanks to many sport climbers, who have created thousands of climbing routes. Today in Sardinia, you can find a perfect route for all the levels of climbing.

There are many climbing schools which offer courses for beginners or for advanced levels. You can choose between the different forms of outdoor climbing, there are courses which are just for one day or also for a week. The whole equipment can be rent, so you don't have to bring all with you. The most part of the rocks where you can go climbing are limestones like in the whole Mediterrean area or granite.

Also for bouldering many routes have been created. The difference between climbing and bouldering is that bouldering is without a rope and it is recommended only for persons who have already a lot of experience. You need good technique and strength to manage these routes. It is also possible to book a course in one of the schools and they will teach you in bouldering.

The great rock climbing areas in Sardinia are Cala Gonone on the eastern coast, Capo Caccia near Alghero and Capo Testa near Santa Teresa di Gallura on the North. You will find routes for all levels, so you can also bring with you persons, who have never done climbing before. The teacher-guide will show them the necessary technique to climb the rocks in a right and secure way. At Cala Conone for example the routes are all very near the village and you can enjoy one of the wonderful beaches after a climbing route like Cala Luna or you can visit the grotte of Cala Gonone.

For advanced levels or free climbers of course you find an infinity of rocks to climb and to have unforgettable adventures. To relax after climbing we recommend you to rent a nice holiday house or villa near the beach in the North of Sardinia for example Villa Nadira: private pool, Villa Lara d'Oriente: villa with pool in Budoni and Villa Sassifraga: just few steps from the beach.

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