Costa Paradiso villas for rent

Looking forward to a relaxing holiday in Sardinia?

Costa Paradiso villas for rent

In the early sixties when Aga Kahn started his project in Costa Smeralda also a group of investors began to buid villas in a wild area between Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola, a portion of coast exposed to Mistral wind, with great red rocks in front of the sea, and small hidden coves in the Mediterranean bush; so Costa Paradiso villas for rent were born.

All Costa Paradiso villas for rent have a fantastic view of the sea, usually they have a built-in pool where you can spend wonderful times with a stunning view. The villas are well integrated in the natural landscape, from one villa you can't easily see the others. But not all the villas are constructed following the same criterias. In Costa Paradiso you can see the vestigia of a particular settlement, a Binishell, a concrete thin shell structure lifted by air pressure. There are 1600 Binishells in 23 countries in the world; they were invented by Dante Bini in the 60s. The ones in Costa Paradiso were committed in 1971 to architect Bini by Michelangelo Antonioni, one of the greatest Italian film directors for his love, the actress Monica Vitti. They arrived in Sardinia while shooting on Magdalena Archipelago island Budelli the movie Deserto Rosso, and driving on the wild coast they fell in love with Sardinia and its environment. Since their relationship was very free, they didn't share the house but Antonioni commissioned a second smaller shell close to the first one, so the actress could have her own spaces. They spent many happy summers in their shells, than as their love went by they sold the shells. One of them (the smaller one) has been restored and is still used but the bigger one is falling apart, as the memories of a great love.

Now you can spend a wonderful vacation amongst nature in one of ours new villas with swimming pool, where the comfort and the constant contact with the wild nature will make your vacation unforgettable.
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