The most beautiful dog beaches

in the north of Sardinia

The most beautiful dog beaches of the north of Sardinia

The most beautiful dog beaches in the north of Sardinia are very frequented by the tourists of all around the world. In Sardinia you will find about twenty beaches for dogs. We would like to describe the most beautiful beaches for dogs of the north of Sardinia.

It is important to know that generally the access to dogs to beaches in Sardinia is not allowed from 1 May to 31 October during the year. Dogs are allowed only during the winter or in a definite period, except from the dog friendly beaches obviously. To allow our four-legged friends the access to the beach you should fullfil some conditions: the dog should have a chip and a valid passport and of course the vaccinations on the latest state.

The beaches for dogs in Sardinia usually offer sweet water, games and a veterinary emergency service. It is important to be aware that pregnant dogs and aggressive dogs do not have access to the beaches. Only a definite number of dogs and holders are allowed which however varies depending on the beach size.

Here is a selection of the most beautiful beaches for dogs in the northern part of Sardinia:

On the Costa Smeralda you will find the beach Poltu Liccia, which has been specially designed for your four-legged friends.

The beach Ira Beach Privé located in the beautiful territory of Porto Rotondo is adviced because of its white sand and crystal clear water.

In Palau we can recommend the beach of Punta Nera and if you have enough time it is worth taking a trip to the island of Caprera to visit the beach of Porto Palma.

For all guests who are in the nearest of Badesi, there is the beautiful beach Baia delle Mimose, where you can enjoy the holidays with your four-legged friends.

To explore all these beaches for dogs with your faithful friend, we advice you to rent a pet-friendly villas for rent in the north of Sardinia like for example Villa Nadira: private pool, Villa La Bitta: private pool near the sea, Villa Carezza di Mare: private pool and La Dimora del Falco: private pool.

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