Experience in Sardinia

Experience in Sardinia a desire, a must or even a mission
Experience in Sardinia could be a desire, a must or even a mission to do at least once in life! If it is your first time in Sardinia, we would be pleased to give you some important information to enjoy fully the pleasures of this ancient, beautiful and sometimes mysterious island.

A journey in Sardinia is a real five senses experience which involves: the sight, because of the incomparable beauty of this land; hearing, because of the popular legends and history which this land tells; taste, because of the marvellous traditional cooking; smell, because of the unique scents of Mediterranean scrub and touch because of the different consistencies of the ground, which goes from the white fine sand of the beaches of Cala Brandinchi in San Teodoro or Rena Bianca in Santa Teresa Gallura, to the big stones of Capo Testa, for example.

The beauty of Sardinia stands out immediately from the moment you touch the land by going down from the plane or the ferry. The colours of the vegetation, the sun that makes all around vivid and impressive images on the mind which will become beautiful memories. And then the sea, with its shades of blue and green makes your first impact of Sardinia very fulfilling.

The history in Sardinia tells us about Nuraghi, which are impressive stone monuments, built between the XVII and XI sec ., by a population which has distinguished itself among the other peoples for a peculiar production and use of bronze, most of all assigned to the temples and sanctuaries of the island.

By exploring the old fisherman’s town or even travelling into the inside part of Sardinia, you will have the possibilities to taste different and delicious traditional fish or meat dishes. The sweets flavours of typical Seada or the quite bitter aftertaste of the Aranzada, will make you understand better the way of life of this people.

During a boat trip or a horse riding or exploring the wild land in a Jeep for example, you will be assaulted by the smells and perfumes of the seawater, the land and the vegetation with typical flowers and Mediterranean scrub.

By taking a bath in the beautiful beaches of the island of La Maddalena, you will have a beautiful sensation of energy that seems to come from the sea and the seafloor.

By touching the typical handmade object, which can be very different from the Launeddas, typical Sardinian musical instrument, to the famous baskets of Castelsardo, you will recognize the softness and at the same time the strongness of the people of Sardinia.

The best way to get an experience in Sardinia is to live as Sardinian people live and for that we suggest to rent a villa which permits you to get more contact with the local people and will let you discover things that in other way you would not fully enjoy. The villas we recommend are Villa Magda: villa of charme, Villa Il Golfo di Marinella: luxury villa with pool and Il Rifugio degli Architetti: private pool.

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