Folk festivals in Sardinia

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Folk festivals in Sardinia to visit

Sardinia is full of old traditions and unique customs. Many folk festivals in Sardinia are based on an old culture of this magic island. Here are some festivals which you should not miss during your holidays in Sardinia.

Sant'Antonio Abate is a festival also known as a festival of fires. It is one of the oldest festivals in Sardinia and it happens every year during the night from the 16th to the 17th of January. In many villages people make big fires of different kind of wood and also Mediterranean plants. It is the beginning of Carnival and the first time of the year, when the people put their traditional costumes on and dance around the fire. The tradition requires that they make 3 rounds around the fire in clockwise direction and anticlockwise direction to ask the spring to bring warm weather and good crop.

Processione dei Misteri "Lunissanti" takes place in Castelsardo in the week of Easter. On Easter Monday, in the early morning there is a mass in the church of Santa Maria and afterwoods there is a parade where the participants of the "processione" sing the old religion songs. The parade bring them to the Basilica "Nostra Signora di Tergu" where another mass is celebrated and then there is a lunch all together on the open air and then the return to the village in the evening. At the end of the parade there is a dinner for all like the last dinner of Jesus with his apostles. Also on Thursday and Friday there are parades but the smaller ones. With these festivals and ceremonies people welcome the spring.

Sagra di Sant'Efisio is a huge festival in the south of Sardinia at Cagliari. Every year since 1657 at Cagliari they celebrate this festival / parade at the first May. The legend says that thanks to the Saint Efisio the black death found an end in Sardinia. The parade start in the church with the name Efisio and goes to Nora at the end. The parade is accompanied by almost all folk groups of Sardinia in the traditional costumes and also with horsemen at the end.

San Simplicio is the patron of Olbia and of the region of Gallura and in his honour every year, in the week around the 15th May there is a big festival in Olbia, in the north of Sardinia. Every day of that week there are different festivals in the city. From parade in traditional costumes over concerts to traditional food you can find everything. It is really one of the biggest celebrations in Sardinia, we recommend you absolutely to take part in it!

I Candelieri is a religious holiday in Sassari. In the evening of the 14th August there is a parade through the city with over 100.000 visitators and participants from all over the world. It is an old tradition in honour of Madonna Assunta and with the pray that she will protect the persons from illness and epidemics. You will find small markets and of course traditional food during this evening in Sassari.

Sagra del Redentore is the biggest summer folk festival in Sardinia in Nuoro. With its different parades through the city at the end of August, it is a spectacular for all tourists. Whole Sardinia presents its traditional costumes and in the evening there are  traditional sardinian dances and choirs. The small markets offer traditional food and the whole city is celebrating. This festival is dedicated to the redeemer. Don't miss it!

Sagra del Bovino Gallurese is a festival in honour of the cattle of the region of Gallura which takes place at the end of August. The idea of this festival is to remember the persons to eat good quality and local beef. But recently it has become just a huge festival with more and more visitators. There is a big parade with the folk groups of Sardinia and also with the famous cattle of Gallura. In the evening they bring big tables for all the persons and everyone can try the beef of Gallura and other typical plates of Sardinia.

Festa del Turista also known as Sagra della salsiccia arrosto e del formaggio is a festival for all who love the sardinian traditions. A parade with the costumes and afterwoods celebrations with concerts and sardinian dances. During the festivities you can try the local sausages and cheeses. There are also small markets with handmade local souveniers. The festival is always in the mid of August in Aglientu.

Carnevale estivo takes place in Orotelli in the region of Nuoro. In August a summer carnival is celebrated with the traditional masks of Sardinia. It is a wonderful festivity with a lot of participants. At the end of the carnival parade you can try lamb and Cannonau wine. In the city center there is an open air disco where you can dance and celebrate with the habitants of Sardinia and also many tourists! Enjoy the party!

The most suitable villas for these events are Villa Bufetta: direct entrance to the beach, Villa Sassifraga: just few steps from the beach and Villa Arielle: pool and seaview.
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