Renting Villas in Capo Coda cavallo

Renting Villas in Capo Coda Cavallo will make your vacation different. It is one of the most charming areas of the Mediterranean Sea: this stripe of granitic land lies down on crystal clear water of a bay protected by Tavolara Island from the outer sea.

The air perfumes of myrtle and salty rocks kissed by the sun and Mistral Wind. But no matter how strong is the wind you'll always find calm sea coves , white beaches and emerald water. And underwater there is a whole universe to discover: in Tavolara Marine Protected Area while diving and snorkeling you'll explore habitats rich in biodiversity , where confident fish among gorgonians and starfish always offer quite a sight.

Our villas in Capo Coda Cavallo will provide you the necessary privacy and comfort shelter during summer high season, when there are lots of tourists from all over the world. In your private pool with wonderful seaview you'll spend the hottest hours, while you will have the chance to join the beaches when they are less crowded.
Moreover the sunset time will fascinate you with all the colours of a painting while you're drinking a cool Vermentino Wine with your dearest ones.

Arriving in Tavolara Island by boat you will have the chance to meet the king of Tavolara, he is the heir of an ancient family of goat sheperds. His ancestor was proclaimed King in 1836 by Carlo Alberto, the king of Sardinia, that arrived on Tavolara by boat following the legend of the goats with golden teeth that lived on the island. The goats didn't have golden teeth, they were yellow because the animals drank salty water. Now the King owns the only and one restaurant on the island that is famous also for its film festival during the summer Tavolara Film Festival: all the people come with their chair to watch the previews of films under the stars of August.

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