San teodoro villas for rent

rent your villa in north-east of Sardinia

San Teodoro villas for rent
After landing in Olbia Airport, driving southward to reach your San Teodoro villas for rent, your senses will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature.

First of all Smell: if you open the window of your car you will feel strange fragrances in the air; these are the plants of the Mediterranean bush, most of them are aromatics and when the wind blows gently it takes all theese odours to our nose. Rosemary, thime, myrtle, juniper, cistus and strawberry tree, they will fill your nose and your memories.

Then the Sight: during summer the dazzling light will carry to your eyes hundreds of graduated shading of colours; the sea is blue but it can also be turquoise, emerald, white; also the sky is never plain light blue, since it is windy there are always clouds, white, grey , subtle like cotton flakes , plain like a bed mattress. The landscape is not only green but can be dark brown, or red and grey where the Gallura rocks come out.

About Hearing: in San Teodoro villas for rent that are close to the sea  you will always hear the waves breaking on the coast as well as the wind blowing through the bush. But since all the villas are secluded in nature  the sound of cicadas will fill the air, an unstoppable concert!

Touch: feel the wonderful sensation of passing your hand through the beach sand, most of them are subtle as flour, some others are made of tiny shells and stones, all of them are hot: This heat will warm up your memories.

Last but not least Taste! From our San Teodoro villas for rent it is easy to reach the facilities around: restaurants, agriturismo, markets, where you will taste the ancient culinary tradition of Sardinia: our staff will help you in booking the best engastronomical experience.

So come to Sardinia next summer, we are waiting for you!
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