is located about 35 km from Sassari

Stintino is located about 35 km from Sassari

Stintino is located about 35 km from Sassari in the northwest of Sardinia, in front of the island of Asinara. At 1885 the habitants of this island had to leave this place and had to find a new place to live. So they built the small fisher village Stintino. Today it is one of the most famous places in Sardinia thanks to its wonderful beaches and the holiday villas you can rent there. The view from Stintino over the Mediterranean sea, the island of Asinara and the old tower is fantastic.

One of the most famous beaches in Sardinia is La Pelosa in Stintino. The water has indescribable colours of blu, green and turquoise. The white sand is so fine that you have the feeling to walk on wadding. There are also bars and sunchairs to hire. The water is not deep so it is also a perfect beach for families with kids.

In front of the beach of La Pelosa you can see an old tower which was created to defend this wonderful area. You can easily swim to this small landscape and explore the tower from outside. The entrance to the tower is closed for safety reasons.

Today the Asinara island is also known for its white donkeys and it is a wildlife and marine reserve. But it is possible to visit the island, you can book some excursions directly in Stintino. Till 1997 there was a maximum security prison, where even big mafia members were brought. But in 1997 the prison was closed and since this year there are no human habitants on this island.

The village of Stintino has two ports: Porto Mannu and Porto Minore from where you can make different tours or hire a boat. Stintino offers you a lot of activities to do. From diving over kitesurf to kayaking you can try many sports near Stintino. Also bars and good restaurants are open during the season. Some bars and restaurants are also open the whole year. We recommend you or to do a daytrip to Stintino or to rent one of the beautiful holidayhouses near this unique location.

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