The 5 most beautiful beaches in Sardinia: our tips for visiting them

Which is the most beautiful beach in Sardinia?

Sardinia is a unique island in the world, a chest full of naturalistic gems of rare beauty. Many define Sardinia as a mini continent. In fact, there are different ecosystems and a geographical variety attributable to a continent, rather than to an island: hills, plains, mountains, rocky coasts, heavenly beaches, dreamy archipelagos... and even large desert areas and a ski resort. All enclosed in a colorful patch of just 24.000 km2 (about 9.266 square miles) of land.

But today, let’s focus just on the beautiful beaches.

Never heard of the white sand, the sea with colors ranging from intense emerald green to the light turquoise of Sardinia!? There are many beaches with these characteristics on the island, and they are evenly distributed between the north, south, west and east coast.

If we would ask the locals to rank the 5 most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, we would receive a different answer for each interlocutor! In this case the old Sardinian say seems very appropriate: "Chentu concas', chentu berrittas'!" - literally translated: one hundred heads, one hundred typical Sardinian hats!, because everyone has got his own idea on the matter -.

It is almost impossible to establish which are the best beaches in Sardinia, there are too many that are just fabulous. In fact, there are too many elements that contribute to making a certain stretch of coast pleasant to us. To which are added several variable factors, such as weather conditions, the period of the year, or even the time of day we visit a particular beach. Just think of the color difference of the waters, determined by the incidence of sunlight during different hours of the day.
Therefore, it just is impossible to crown the number one beach in Sardinia, without awakening atavistic regional disputes (fortunately, only verbal).  

The 5 most beautiful Sardinian beaches by Sardinia Unlimited!  

We rank below the 5 most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, not necessarily in that order, according to Sardinia Unlimited.

 This time, we leave out the beaches of the Costa Smeralda, the pearl of Gallura, by choice, as they surely deserve a separate article.

1. La Pelosa beach – Stintino – North-west Sardinia.

We begin our ranking with the queen of the north-west, the "La Pelosa beach" of Stintino.
Briefly close your eyes and think about what you would like to find in the beach of your dreams. Probably, you have just imagined all the elements that you can find in the “La Pelosa beach” in Stintino. White sand as fine as talcum powder; a shallow seabed, where you can walk for several meters immersed in a Caribbean dream; water as transparent as crystal, which fades in the distance into the most incredible shades of blue, turquoise and cobalt. All surrounded by a paradisiacal scenario: rocks that shine like silver in the sun and enclose and protect this pearl. All in front of the overlooking Asinara island, a real wonder of creation, inhabited by a native species of cute white wild donkeys.

The idyllic picture is completed by evergreen Mediterranean vegetation and gnarled centuries-old junipers, as well as by a fortified tower from the sixteenth century, located on the islet between the Stintino peninsula and the Asinara, which watches over the northwestern paradise.
La Pelosa is easy to reach. Coming from Sassari, take the SS131 state road towards Porto Torres, then take the provincial road 34 and continue towards Stintino. Once you are close to the village of the same name, just follow the road signs.

In recent years, given the large turnout and to protect the fragile marine ecosystem, from June to September, the access to the beach is restricted to a limited number of visitors. You have to book online and pay a ticket. In addition, some simple but strict rules of behavior must be followed. All info about how to reserve are available on the official websites.

2. Porto Giunco beach – Villasimius – South Sardinia.

Let's change location, moving about 310 km further south: let's move to Villasimius, another tourist resort in Sardinia that doesn’t need any introduction. We continue our ranking with a rare pearl: the beach of "Porto Giunco".

Many define this beach as the diamond of Southern Sardinia, and with good reason!  

Porto Giunco beach can be compared to Caribbean and Polynesian beaches. A long stretch of soft light sand, with coral pink nuances, and a clear sea like the spring sky will certainly amaze you. "Wow!" is the most common exclamation uttered by those who, crossing the eucalyptus grove close to parking, find themselves in front of an incredible scenery. The colors of the water are so delicate they seem taken directly from the divine palette, and gradually fade into a thousand shades of blue and turquoise. The seabed is shallow for several meters, suitable for families with children. The wide expanse of sand is wide so you surely can find a space to lie down and contemplate this wonder. This scenario has got a superb position, as it is set like a gem among rocky promontories, which also act as a shield to the winds.

Behind the wonderful beach there is a pond, "Notteri", which is home to several colonies of seabirds, including the wonderful pink flamingos, which when they fly in flocks set the sky on fire with their intense color. No coincidence they are called in the Campidanese language “sa genti arrubia” (the red people).  All scenarios to be savored at least once in a lifetime and to be cherished forever.

Trekking enthusiasts can climb the hill that protects the west side of the bay. It’s easy to reach the seventeenth-century Spanish tower that dominates the landscape and from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the beach, the pond and the mountains in the background. Not far from Porto Giunco beach are the islands of Cavoli and Serpentara.

Porto Giunco is easy to reach from the Sardinian capital Cagliari, in about an hour by car. If you are not in a hurry, we suggest you take the panoramic coastal road, along the Poetto beach: the preferred beach of the inhabitants of the city, Capitana beach, the towns of Torre delle Stelle and Solanas: glimpses of rare beauty await you.

3. Cala Brandinchi beach, San Teodoro, North-east Sardinia.

We head north again, more precisely in the northeastern part of Sardinia, to San Teodoro. An important center known for its beaches and nightlife. In the territory of this village in north-eastern Gallura we find several beaches of great beauty. The famous "Cala Brandinchi" stands out above all, not surprisingly nicknamed "the little Tahiti".

The beach of Cala Brandinchi is located in front of the protected marine area of Tavolara, a limestone mountain that dominates the landscape with its imposing silhouette. The maritime stretch is of undoubted biological interest, but also of dazzling beauty.
Brandinchi's sand strip is white, soft and fine. It gives the water an intense turquoise color that turns to light blue and fades into lapis lazuli blue in other spots, maintaining a crystalline transparency. The sea is so clean, you immediately want to dive into it. The sand descends gently into the water.  The seabed is shallow for tens of meters, with the effect of a large natural pool. The ideal beach for families with children, who can safely bathe under parents' surveillance.
This masterpiece of nature is about 7 km from San Teodoro. It is located between Punta Sabbatino and Capo Coda Cavallo, another place known for its incredible beaches and unspoiled nature. In the immediate vicinity we find soft white sand dunes covered with a luxuriant Mediterranean scrub, junipers, lilies, rosemary and other aromatic plants.
Further on, we point out the presence of a cool pine forest, with the possibility of refreshment and parking. From the parking lot, in addition to Cala Brandinchi, you can access the Lu Impostu beach, perhaps less known, but equally beautiful and part of the same ecosystem. Further back, we find the Brandinchi pond, home to various species of aquatic birds, such as flamingos and herons, very popular with birdwatchers. If you spend your holidays in the North East, do not miss to visit this part of Eden.

4. Cala Goloritzé beach, Baunei, Sardinian east-coast.

The coves of the wild Ogliastra region deserve a special mention. They are set like diamonds in the high cliffs overlooking the sea in the placid Gulf of Orosei. We should list them all, as it is impossible to decide which one to leave out. Cala Fuili, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu: these are just a few exotic names of these wonders. All of them deserve an award in our ranking and we invite you, if you like, to do your own research on the subject. For the sake of synthesis, we have to choose one. Maybe because it is the most iconic of the surrounding beaches, due to the recognizable and choreographic rock spire, so we place Cala Goloritzé in Baunei in fourth position.
Compared to the other beaches in this ranking, Cala Goloritzé has some peculiar characteristics. First of all, it can be reached by sea or through a wild path, a real trekking track, but not too difficult. You start from the Golgo plateau, then you walk for three and a half kilometers in the middle of the Mediterranean scrub and its scents. And it is really worth it, because in the end you end up in a real paradise.
In this stretch the cliffs of the coast soften a little, revealing a beach of white pebbles smoothed by the motion of the waves. The transparency of the sea is once again crazy: the seabed can be clearly seen even where it is several meters deep. In the distance, the water takes on an intense turquoise, the typical color of all Ogliastra coves. There are some underwater springs, from which water of karst origin comes out, and feeds the cove with its filtered purity. The bay is framed by incredible marble formations, sculpted by the elements, among which a stone arch on the sea and the iconic limestone pinnacle of Monte Caroddi stand out. This natural spire, 143 meters high, is the very symbol of the beach, also known as "aguglia a tramontana" known to the best pro free climbers in the world.
The beach has been a national monument since 1995.

It is a dream scenario, difficult to describe in words. And not even the many photos on the web can give an idea of how beautiful it is. You must have seen this setting live, and deeply breathed the mixture of iodine and aromas of the Mediterranean scrub. A balm for your soul.

5. Spiaggia Rosa, the pink beach of Budelli, the La Maddalena Archipelago, North Sardinia.

We complete our ranking with a real gem: the "Pink beach" of Budelli. One of the countless wonders of the Maddalena Archipelago. It would take a whole day just to list the names of enchanted beaches and coves in the Archipelago, which includes the most famous group of islands and islets in the Mediterranean.
Let's start by saying that the island of Budelli cannot be visited! Since 1998 there has been an absolute ban on landing. This restriction was adopted both to avoid making the beach disappear completely, due to the continuous sand theft by tourists who are not very fond of nature, and to restore the original color of the beach. The chromatic miracle is due to tiny fragments of pink granite, coral, mollusk shells and shells of a microorganism that lives among the posidonia. When it dies, the shells are transported to the shore and crushed into myriads of micro pieces by the motion of the waves. In recent years, the numerous landings of boats, increasing the wave action, had caused the disappearance of several specimens of posidonia, therefore one of the "raw materials" that brought the pink pigment went missing.

Nowadays, thanks to the strict rules for the complete protection of Budelli, which is precluded from landing, bathing and anchoring of boats, the magnificent color of the beach is once again rich and bright.

If you have the opportunity to admire this beach even from the distance, aboard a rubber dinghy or other boat, do not miss this opportunity. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: a pink sandy beach, at times more intense, gently slides into a transparent sea with a shallow bottom. Ideal location for shooting a film: in fact, in 1968, scenes from the 'Red Desert' by the brilliant director Michelangelo Antonioni were set.

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If you like our ranking, stay tuned to our Blog channel, more tips will follow soon.

Daniele – Copyright Sardinia Unlimited.


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