Top places to

visit in Sardinia

Top places to visit in Sardinia
Top places to visit in Sardinia are numerous as our island is full of marvelous, enchanting spots to find and explore but we will describe the most popular ones. Therefore, we would like to give you some tips about what to see and visit during you holiday.

The Giant’s tombs of Coddu Vecchio e Li Lolghi, near Arzachena, date back to 2000-1200 B.C. and really worth the ticket price. Here, you can find ancient tombs from the Nuragic age, that hosted around 200 bodies. The 4 meters-tall pillars of the main gate are outstanding and in Coddu Vecchio are entirely preserved. There is also a possibility to join guided tours of the town of Arzachena and its surroundings with vineyards.

The wall paintings of Orgosolo (Murales) are a highly recommended destination for a perfect day trip for those who desire to discover political ideas through pictures instead of words. Since 1968, many artists have used the walls and rocks of Orgosolo to represent their political views. Among the various themes we can find the war, the weapon industry, fascism and many others, which also cover recent and actual topics. The golden age of Murales dates back to 1975, when a teacher and his students started painting and went on for almost 20 years.

Su Nuraxi archaeological complex is the largest Nuraghe in Sardinia. It has been studied until today. The monument was built around 1500-1600 B.C, and discovered in 1951 after an abundant rainfall and brought to light under the surveillance of national authorities. It is the most well-preserved Nuraghe in Sardinia, and in 1997 it has been proclaimed World Heritage of Humanity. The complex is composed of different large towers and about 150 stone-made houses.

The so called Domus de Janas (fairies’ tombs) date back to the Ozieri Culture Age (4000-3200 B.C.) and are one of the most important historical monuments of Sardinia. They are basically stone tombs, with a different architecture from the Giant’s Tombs. The majority of them appear as holes in the rock, and it is difficult to recognize that they are the entrances of the tombs. It is highly recommended to join guided tours, since they are difficult to find and visit. Most of the Domus can be found in Sassari province and its surroundings.

The Green Train is another great opportunity to visit Sardinia under a different perspective. An old locomotive drags old coaches through a fairytale landscape between rocks, mediterranean bush, sea and lakes. There is a number of different itineraries which are available in the summer. Moreover, for special occasions the train can be rented. Such a nice experience for the kids!

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