Traditional festivities in Sardinia

Traditional festivities in Sardinia

Not only spectacular beaches and wonderful nature, there are also many traditional festivities in Sardinia and we will tell you some interesting details about some of them. We recommend you to visit one of these unique events during your holiday.

Il Carnevale is a festivity which is known all over the world and in Sardinia this tradition is very popular. The carnival of Tempio-Pausania is one of the most popular in Sardinia. Different villages of Sardinia participate in this parade and you can see many traditional costumes and all the cars are decorated with care and love. An old tradition of the carnival is to sacrifice the king Giorgio at the end of the carnival to have a fertile ground and a good crop. Also one of the most famous costume is the costume of the “mamuthones” with his bells which are always part of the carnival at Tempio-Pausania.

La Sartigila at Oristano is an old knight tourney which is always the last Sunday and Thuesday of the carnival and was celebrated the first time in 1546. The knights in wonderful colourful costumes on their horses try to catch stars with their lance in full gallop. And also here the tradition says that more stars they catch the better will be the crop of the year. After the tourney other horsemen in costumes show the public some spectacular feats on the horses, also done in groups riding very close to each other.

Pasqua at Alghero is also a very old festivity. The religious parades are from Thuesday on almost every day and on Easter Sunday there is the most important parade. The whole city takes part of this very old tradition and of course in the evenings you find many people outside celebrating. They decorate the old city in a particular way with red lamps and we recommend you to participate at least once in this old ritual.

La cavalcata sarda is a wonderful event in Sassari at the end of May. Last year the parade counted 75 groups who presented their traditional costumes of almost all the villages in Sardinia. They brought also traditional food for example bread or sweets and spread them to the public. They were wearing the traditional handmade jewelleries which often have more than 100 years. Furthermore at the end of the parade there were 24 groups with horses, all in traditional costumes, over 100 horses have participated in the parade. In the evening in the center of Sassari there is a stage where it is possible to enjoy traditional sardinian songs and dances. Don’t miss it!

Le cantine aperte is an old traditional celebration of the new wines. Every village celebrates this festivity in a unique way, from August till Dicember you will find these events all over the island. Usually you should buy a wine glass and then you can start your tour exploring the village and its new wines. In every wine cellar you can try the wines with your glass. Normally traditional food and local specialties are offered in the wine cellars. In the streets you can hear local melodies and also see traditional dances. Moreover in some of the wine cellars local chorus will sing for the public during the visits.

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