Traditional sweets of Sardinia

Traditional sweets of Sardinia

We would like to present you some traditional sweets of Sardinia which you should try during your stay.

Seadas  or “seada” in sardinian– is a traditional sardinian dessert made of fried pastry filled with delicate lemon-scented cheese and topped either with warm honey or sugar.  Normally the cheese used for Seadas is a young Pecorino.

Amaretto is a cookie with the taste of bitter and sweet almonds and some lemon. It is a bit crisp outside and very soft inside. Absolutely to try, one of the best cookies in the world.

Su pan' e saba is a traditional sweet which they make in autumn for the first of november (all saints day) and during the vintage where they produce also the liquor called sapa. Sapa is one of the ingredient for this sweet. Also different sorts of nuts and raisins give the sweet taste to this dessert. this is typical of the region of Gallura.

Papassini is a cookie which normally is filled with almonds and raisins and a bit of orange. But on the whole island they have different recipes. The basic paste is always the same with eggs, lards, flour, sugar and milk. And then they fill it with the different ingredients also with chocolat or lemon or walnuts.

Origliette are sweets made of lard, flour, eggs and sougar. Sometimes they add also some lemon or orange zest. They are formed like plats. Afterwoods they get fried and doused with heated honey. It is a typical sweet during the carnival.

Casadinas (formagelle) are a typical easter sweet. It is a paste with a filling of the following ingredients: ricotta-cheese or fresh cheese, zest of lemon and orange, vaniglia and raisins. After filled the paste with the filling, the cookies get baked in the oven. To serve them you can also add some honey or sugar as topping.

Tiricche is  a sweet typical from the north of Sardina. Traditionally it was also a sweet for easter, but today you can find it the whole year in the pastry shops. The paste is filled with sweet almonds, sapa (liquor) and zest of orange. This sweet is also baked in the oven on a low temperature.

Sospiri is a sweet from a small town called Ozieri in the north of Sardinia. Another sweet with a base of almonds, honey, sugar and zest of lemon. Around this paste they made a sugar icing. It is a sweet, which was used for weddings and other ceremonies. Today the pastry shops made different sospiris, also covered with chocolat instead of sugar and with walnuts instead of almonds and many other ways.

Mustazzoleddus are another cookie with sweet almonds and is a typical christmas sweet. A cookie made of a pasta of sweet almonds, eggs, lemon zest and sugar. On the top there is an icing of sugar and you can decorate it with other sweets on the top like chocolatsauce.

Aranzada is a typical sweet of Nuoro. The preparation of the sweets needs a lot a time. First you have to peel the orange and use just the orange part of the peel for the sweet. You have to leave it in water for 5 days that it loose the bitter taste. Then the thin slices of the orange peel get cooked in honey and sugar. Then you shuffel it with sweet almond pieces and let it cool down. Afterwoods you make pieces of the size you prefer and the sweets are ready to eat.

Pistiddu is a sweet cookie from Dorgali. In the meanwhile in the whole island you can find different forms of it. But we will talk about the traditional one. It is a paste filled with the sapa liquor and fresh orange zest, which similiars an orangemarmalate. These cookies normally are made for the festivity of saint antonio in january.

Now we can only say enjoy your sweets in and around your villa like Villa Profumo di Elicriso: few steps from the sea or Le Sfumature del Melograno: private pool in front of the sea!

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