Vacation with kids in Sardinia

Vacation with kids in Sardinia

Our villas with pool for rent will make your vacation with kids in Sardinia unforgettable.

Caring about the small ones needs is mandatory while organizing a family vacation. It is very important that also our kids feel at home and have appropriate places where to play and relax. Some of our villas ( Violetta and Ginepro) are especially thought out for children demands beginning from the pool that has two different depths. Our villas gardens can be a great playground for your kids (Smeralda e Zaffran).

Besides that during your vacation with kids in Sardinia you will have the opportunity to discover a different country and its culture, new activities and excursions that will provide abundance of recreation to make your trip special and memorable.
First of all the beaches: you will discover the ones close to your villa ( usually no more than 5 minutes) where you will sunbath while your kids splash in emerald water, dig the sand and build a castle or go in search of unique shells. In many beaches you can rent kayaks or paddle boards or wind surfing. Anyway a great day to remember! Some beaches are small coves surrounded by the rocks where you can take the youngsters to explore and search for what the sea takes on the shore during the winter, collecting warm family memories.

The magical atmosphere of Sardinian untouched natural reserves and parks is very close to the majority of our villas; don't miss the chance to visit La Maddalena Archipelago with our tailor-made boat tour: a comfortable boat will stop in the best bays and will bring you and your family in magical atmoshere. Asinara National Marine Park, absolutely worth a visit, is situated in the most north-western part of Sardinia, it has been reopened to visits after 115 years since it was a penal colony of maximum security. Here, besides the emerald sea your kids will appreciate the animals that live free in their natural surrounding (white donkeys, wild boar families, sea turtles in the rescue centre).

If you want to treat your family with an exciting afternoon away from beaches in Sardinia there are a lot of water parks (Trinità d'Agultu, Baia Sardinia) where while the bigger kids can shoot down the slippery slides, the small ones can stay by the water fountain areas, and the parents can experience new water activities.

During your vacation with kids in Sardinia you can also explore the prehistorical life of the island visiting fascinating nuraghi,stone towers that are the best expression of Nuragic civilization that from the bronze until the iron age settled in the Island. There are more than 8000 nuraghi (one every 3 km) and most of them are very close to your villas. Nuraghi are unique megalithic sights of Europe, nobody still knows what were they used for exactly. Ancient civilizations are always amazing for kids. We wait for you and your family; here are some suggestions of villas for your vacation: 

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