Villas for rent in Stintino, the Italian Polynesia

Rent a vacation villa in Northwestern Sardinia

Villas for rent in Stintino
A vacation in our villas for rent in Stintino will take you directly to Polynesia, at the other side of the earth. Stintino, a small fisherman hamlet, is known all over the world for its fantastic beach called "La Pelosa", that means "hairy". This name comes from a particular herb of the mediterranean bush that looks like hair. Protected from the wind and the sea by the Capo Falcone promontory, by the small island Isola Piana and the bigger Asinara Island, the shallow water is always calm and has a turquoise colour, you will feel like being in Bora Bora. The only thing that reminds you that your in Sardinia are the juniperus tree instead of thje palms.  On Isola Piana there is an ancient Aragonese watch tower, part of the 16th century Sardinian defensive system, it is possible to walk on and visit it.

La Pelosa sand is thin, white with rose hints, the beach is long 300m and 60 m wide. It is so astonishinig that during summer every day 5000 people come and visit this beautiful site. To protect it and to avoid every tourist from taking home the sand sticked to beach towels it is forbidden to put them on sand. But probably it will be necessary to fix a quote of tourist that can stay on the beach everyday. But don't worry there are many other beautiful beaches, you can choose a different one per day. For example arriving in Stintino from Porto Torres there is a beach called Le Saline where there was an ancient production of salt from sea water. Here the sand is white but it is made of tiny pebbles that look like rice. The water colour is turquoise and blue and there are some balnear facilities. Closer to Stintino there is another beach protected by a bush of ancient juniperus tree that is called Il Gabbiano;  there are beach facilities too. Ask to our staff for more information,  they will take care of everything!

From our wonderful villas for rent in Stintino you could have a fantastic view without being in the middle of the crowd. Secured in nature with a private pool it will offer you the chance to live the most relaxing vacation. Every evening coming back to your buen retiro it will make you feel like being on a boat with all the comfort of a beautiful house. It will be an unforgettable holiday.
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